Jolly Jam: Angry Birds maker makes its own Candy Crush

Chris Burns - Feb 19, 2015, 3:24pm CST
Jolly Jam: Angry Birds maker makes its own Candy Crush

Rovio is about to try its luck with a Candy Crush-LIKE game, I suppose we should say. Not like it’s the same game – and not like there isn’t a precedent for creating games like this, like Bejeweled turning into a game about candy, or anything like that. And forbid it that there ever be a game like Bejeweled that takes what Dr. Mario was – or what Tetris was – and evolves it into something entirely new, with a smidgen of the old game in its bones.

The almighty drop-down puzzle game is alive and well, it would seem. This is Rovio’s own Jolly Jam. Here you get gummy bits, fruits, and candies of all sorts and – wait a second, is this just Candy Land turned on its side?

Wait a second – if I connect these three dots, does it form a triangle? Oh my goodness, is Rovio a front for the Illuminati?


My goodness, I’ve figured it all out! Lizards created this game! They created every game Rovio has ever put out. Birds fighting Pigs, Pigs fighting Birds and Monkeys – all of them unnatural predators of the lizard! It all makes sense now.


Above you’ll see some flat gameplay. Below you’ll see some moving gameplay.

You can check out Jolly Jam right now for iOS and Android. This game is ready for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices of all sorts – just so long as they run Android 4.1 or better.

Watch out for in-game purchases for upgrading your experience!

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