Jolicloud Jolibook Official Press Photos Now Available (2 Sizes?)

Up until now, there's only been a set of little-to-see teaser images of this little lady, but now there's official press shots of the 10.1 inch netbook being released through Flickr. It's a cute little bugger with a lovely cartoony top and – what's that? One of these backs appears to be bigger than the other. If you take a look at the laptop with the bigger battery, you'll notice that an ever-so-slightly amount of the edges of the picture are bent around the left and right sides or gone, where on the non-giant-battery image shows more. Two different sizes?

This lovely little laptop (or couple or laptops) will feature a 250GB harddrive and dual core an Atom N550 CPU. It'll be running Jolicloud 1.1 and will have preloaded Chromium* (* The open source version of Google Chrome), Facebook, Spotify, VLC, Skype, and "a bunch of cool apps that are one clock away." Sounds neato! Take a look at the gallery below to see the rest of the images.

Incase you're wondering, Jolicloud is an OS built for netbooks, aiming to leverage "the Cloud" and make you have a really good, easy time on whichever notebook you're using. If you install Jolicloud on your Windows machine, you get the choice of either Windows or Jolicloud to be running at startup. When in Jolicloud, you're able to use your Windows files at any time. The folks at Jolicloud also promise that if you "Buy a new computer, [you can] get a refund on Windows (applies in certain countries.)" Find out more about Jolicloud 1.1 on their blog.

[Via Engadget]