Jolicloud Desktop gets Google Docs access

Back in November of 2010 Jolicould launched its firm's netbook running its Jolicloud OS. We haven't really heard much from the company since then. Today Jolicloud has announced that it's Jolicloud Desktop now has access to Google Docs. That means you can work on your documents stored on the cloud service from wherever you are.Jolicloud notes that the new feature is available right now and if you don't see if you just need to refresh your desktop. To set the new feature up the user needs to follow the steps on the Jolicloud blog. Once setup is complete, the Google Docs will appear in the browser and users can browse other files uploaded to Google Docs in addition to documents.

Previews are supported as well. The Google Docs feature is persistent too so you won't have to jump through hoops to access the documents each time. Anytime you log on the documents will be available to you. Jolicloud also has a Chrome app that will let you use it as a home page.