John Carmack to talk mobile VR at GDC 2015

Chris Burns - Feb 11, 2015, 12:54pm CST
John Carmack to talk mobile VR at GDC 2015

This morning game developer and Oculus VR CTO announced he’d be attending GDC, the Game Developers Convention, to speak about mobile VR. As it was made clear last year that his full move to Oculus VR was made possible due to the Samsung Gear VR and the promise of a mobile smartphone virtual reality experience, this chat aught to be a real winner. This talk will go by the name “The Dawn of Mobile VR” – and Carmack says this dawn is “close.”

According to Carmack this morning, his talk at GDC will allow viewers to “get all the details and directions raw and unfiltered.” Whether or not this means he’ll be discussing release dates and update times is unknown at this point.

It’s far more likely he’ll be speaking about the importance of the platform and how developers can make the most of it. This IS a game developers conference, after all.

According to GDC, Carmack will be discussing “the technical details of making mobile VR a reality.” He’ll be talking about how maximizing the quality of VR games, apps, and experiences is key.

He’ll also be bringing his “thoughts about the future of VR, including what it means for the mobile ecosystem.”

It’s also been suggested more than once that the Q&A session to follow “will last until all questions are answered or everyone is chased out.”

We’re already in this VR universe deep! Seeing “what the future of consumer VR might look like” is going to be a bit of talk you’re not going to want to miss. Join us at 11AM Pacific Time on the 4th of March, 2015 – that’s a Wednesday. We’ll be there for you inside our GDC 2015 tag portal!

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