Joe's Jeans charge your smartphone on the go

Carrying your smartphone in the back packet of your jeans is something that lots of people do. The problem is that not only can you damage your smartphone doing that, but you can ruin your jeans too. A company called Joe's Jeans has unveiled a new type of jeans that has a special pocket just for your smartphone.

The special pocket is slightly above and to the right of the back right side pocket of the jeans. It places your smartphone on the hip placing it out of contact with most hard surfaces. The pocket is specifically designed to hold an iPhone, but it would likely hold any similarly sized device.

In addition to a special pocket for holding your smartphone, the jeans also have a special pocket near the waistband designed to hold a portable battery. The idea is that you can place your device in the smartphone pocket, route a short charge cable from the battery, and recharge your smartphone on the go.

These jeans are aimed at women, and I can't see those who are fashion conscious liking how the jeans look with the battery pack installed. The battery is removable for washing the jeans and promises to charge your iPhone 5/5s/5c from dead to 100% or up to 85% for the iPhone 6.

SOURCE: Joe's Jeans