Joerg Sprave finally embraces his inner zombie killer

Joerg Sprave takes his sling shots very seriously. I have long said this is one of the dudes you want to look up when the zombie apocalypse hits and you need a guy that can make weapons for you. All this guy needs is some rubber bands, wood, and rocks or steel balls to make an effective weapon. This time around, Joerg looks at what it would take to penetrate that pesky zombie skull and destroy the brain so the zombie stops trying to eat you.

Joerg start off by using a hammer with a spike on the back known to be able to penetrate a skull and then searches for a chunk of wood that his little slingshot and steel ball projectiles cant penetrate. He then shows off his roof top zombie killing sling shot along with a finely drawn illustration. The chunk of wood is a piece of 40mm thick countertop for kitchens.

The steel ball from the zombie killing slingshot penetrates the board on the first go round. The zombie killing slingshot is adjustable for aim as well. Joerg needs a cameo on The Walking Dead, come on AMC hook it up. The key to the power of this slingshot is the 11-foot draw length.