Joby's new Wavo mic line up offers something for all kinds of content creators

Joby has developed a reputation as one of the "go to" brands for content creators. Its range includes the popular Gorillapod flexible tripods that can double as mobile vlogging grips, regular tripods, lights and ring lights and a wide range of other accessories that help creators get the job done. It also makes microphones, five of which it has just launched under a new Wavo brand, aiming to appeal to experienced creators through to those just getting started. The new models include microphones designed for use when out and about or when stationary at a desk or home studio.

The Wavo PRO is a new flagship shotgun microphone that Joby is targeting at storytellers, film makers, and expert content creators for use in the field. The mic is fitted with an intelligent hybrid analog/digital architecture that powers an onboard active noise reduction system that removes any self-generated noise that might occur during shooting while in motion. The Wavo Pro also includes an integrated secondary 3.5mm mic input for making interviews or dual channel recording easy to accomplish. A companion app for iOS and Android enables a dedicated digital sound management studio for real-time visual monitoring of sound input while it also offers independent dual-mode EQ functionality along with customizable and shareable sound setups. It is available to purchase now for $300.

The Wavo Pro DS and the Wavo AIR

The Wavo PRO DS is also a shotgun mic and sits under the new Wavo PRO while featuring a very similar, but more streamlined design. It is targeted at creators looking to upgrade their sound quality but who don't need the additional features of the Wavo Pro. As such, it loses support for a secondary mic as well as app support. Instead ease of use has been emphasized with a simple user interface limited to just a few key controls needed for audio content creation. Joby says that the Wavo PRO DS still includes many high-quality audio features including a high-pass filter that cleans unwanted low frequencies in real-time. The Wavo PRO DS will retail for $250 when it launches on March 4.

The Wavo AIR is a very flexible and comprehensive wireless Lavalier ('lav') microphone kit. Joby promises that the Wavo AIR uses an "easy pairing system" over the 2.4GHz spectrum with long battery life of up to 6 hours. Designed for vlogging on the go, content can be created with the camera and the receiver system placed up to 50m/164ft from the mics. The modular mounting system includes a cold shoe mount and a GorillaPod leg clip to help keep the components in place. The kit includes 2x lav mics and double transmitter (TX) with the promise that it works "straight out of the box" with a smartphone or camera. The Wavo AIR is available to purchase now for $250.

The Wavo POD and Wavo Lav Pro

The Wavo POD is a large-diaphragm USB condenser microphone that Joby is calling a gateway device for would-be podcasters and game streamers. As you might expect, ease of use is paramount with plug and play support being prioritized. It features high-quality 24-bit/48kHz sound quality that is more than sufficient for broadcasting while it also supports omnidirectional and directional recording patterns. It comes with built-in volume, mute and gain controls as well as a headphone port. It also comes with a pop filter accessory in the box. The Wavo POD is available for purchase now for $100.

Rounding out Joby's Wavo announcements is the Wavo Lav PRO. The wired lapel microphone has been designed as a companion accessory for the Wavo PRO, although it will work with other shotgun mics. Its compact pro-grade capsule is designed to deliver crisp, warm and natural sounding voice captures while it is also made to be easily concealed. Joby points to the intentionally long 2.5m/8.2ft cable to help give creators sufficient room to achieve the optimal set up for both camera and audio recordings. The Wavo Lav PRO is available to purchase now for $80.