Joby GripTight Auto Vent Clip keeps your smartphone secure

I find in my area that the maps that are on my TomTom GPS device leave a lot to be desired, especially in rural areas. TomTom has a very hard time with rural county roads and I often end up going to my Android smartphone and Google Maps to find my way. In that instance I am always looking for a good way to secure my smartphone to keep it from ending up on the floor and to keep it where I can easily see it.Joby has unveiled a new member of the GripTight family that would be perfect for keeping the smartphone in view and secure while driving called the GripTight Auto Vent Clip. The Vent Clip sells for $34.95 and has a positioning ball on the clip that allows you to adjust the screen to exactly where you need it for visibility.

That ball gives the phone plus or minus 20 degrees of movement horizontally or vertically. The vent clip is made from ABS and comes in sizes to fit different phones. The regular size fits smartphones up to 2.8-inches wide.

An XL version will fit phablets up to 3.9-inches wide with or without a case on it. The phone holder section can also be removed from the clip that holds it to the vent for use on a tripod or stand for taking photos and video.