Jobs v. Gates: Icons of a Media War

Brenda Barron - Jul 30, 2008
Jobs v. Gates: Icons of a Media War

It’s been around a long time. The Microsoft-Apple war. People on both sides of the fence argue until they’re foaming at the mouth about “who is better.” The media has even poked fun at it but Apple has full on embraced it with the Mac and PC Guys in commercials. That being said, these CEO icons are no longer really at war, and even though Microsoft still pushes more units each year, Apple is the clear winner.

As much as I hate to admit it, Steve Jobs is the jock. He’s the cocky guy that knows he’s the best and most of the time, he’s right. Bill Gates is the nerdy type with a chip on his shoulder. He knows he’s smart and he wants to let you know too. Both guys lack social decorum, but one comes out on top as the victor time and time again, and that’s Steve Jobs.

And you know, what? It’s all about advertising. Not only is Apple the “cool” company, they are so cool they can make fun of themselves and PC in one move. The Mac and PC Guys are famous–the Mac guy is cocky and sure of himself, PC guy is self-depreciating and likable. What other company can portray their opponent in a more lovable fashion and still come out on top.

But nothing has done more to stoke the company war than the media itself. Parodies abound all over the net–feel free to try your hand at the SuperNews game below (it’s good stuff)–and the rivalry continues even though Gates is no longer Microsoft’s CEO! It will forever be a Jobs/Gates duel, because they are merely icons of the war between what is cool and what is the norm. And really, who wants to go with the norm, anyway?

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