Job listing reveals potential Portal 2 info

Who wants more Portal? I know that I'll be first in line to snag a sequel to one of my favorite games from last year. Sure, people keep putting up new maps and such for the original, but I'm itching for something with a storyline. Thanks to a new job posting by Valve, we not only know that they're already hard at work on it, but we've got a few details to boot.

I'm no actor, so I can't say that there's any reason why I would be browsing the listings over at Breakdown Express (a site for actors looking for work), however, if you were checking out the site, you too may have stumbled upon a listing for a new game in the Portal series.

There is a lot of juicy information revealed in the dialog, so feel free to check it it out below. If you're not into spoilers and such, I would avert your eyes.

[via Kotaku]