JLab's New Go Air Tones Are The Ultimate True Wireless Stealth Earbuds

JLab has introduced a new pair of true wireless earbuds called the Go Air Tones that have two very unique defining features: they're incredibly inexpensive and they're designed to blend in with (more or less) your skin. The design choice is far different than the typical earbuds we see, ones that often sport flashy and/or shiny elements that make them readily apparent to others nearby.

Though not every pair of true wireless earbuds have blinking LEDs and shiny chrome trim, the "minimalist" ones still tend to come in bright primary colors, white, and black. These hardly blend in during those times when you don't want it to be obvious you're wearing headphones. JLab aims to solve that with its new Go Air Tones.

This model comes in seven different skin tone shades ranging from 155 N to 4975 C. Though the earbuds may not perfectly blend in with your own skin tone, the colors certainly add an element of stealth that may serve you well when sneaking a podcast session at a time when such activities would be frowned upon.

The unique design aside, the Go Air Tones appear to be average across the board — you can get up to around 32 hours of runtime from the earpieces and charging case, according to JLab, the earpieces have built-in touch sensors, and there's support for connecting just one of the earbuds to your phone.

As well, the model sports an IPX4 rating, which means they're resistant to sweat and water exposure from, for example, rain. The Go Air Tones also have a 15-percent smaller size compared to the previous model, which should help cut down on how obvious they are when in use. Other features include a microphone in each earbud for taking and making calls, plus multiple audio modes: JLab's Balanced, Signature, and Bass Boost options.

Of note, users can toggle between these three different sound modes using the touch sensors, meaning you don't have to pull out your phone if the next song requires a bit more bass response. These touch controls are also used for changing tracks, adjusting the volume, answering calls, pausing and playing audio, and triggering your favorite voice assistant.

The charging case is compact and includes a built-in USB charging cable, another unique element not commonly found on competing products. Buyers also get a couple of different ear tip sizes and the company's two-year warranty. Though it's doubtful this model will come anywhere close to competing with more expensive offerings from competitors, at $20, they're a great backup option for those times you want to listen to music in class. Preorders are now live with shipping set for January.