JLab Flex Sport over-ear wireless headphones are made for the gym

Brittany A. Roston - Oct 16, 2018, 2:07pm CDT
JLab Flex Sport over-ear wireless headphones are made for the gym

JLab Audio has introduced a new pair of flexible Bluetooth headphones designed specifically for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Despite their large appearance, the new Flex Sport have a design that’s suitable for the gym, for outdoor running, or for anywhere someone is active. Among other things, the Flex Sport features removable, washable earpads and Be Aware audio technology.

The JLab Flex Sport boasts 20-hours of playback per charge, as well as a durable design that includes a very flexible headband. There’s a pair of tension headbands offered for either normal or tight fit, depending on the wearer’s tastes. As well, the headphones can be used without a band for what JLab calls a loose fit.

Users also have the choice of adding headband padding that clips onto the upper part of the headband, this resulting in both a tighter fit and increased comfort. The earpads, meanwhile, are also designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts — they’re made with material that wicks away moisture.

When necessary, these earpads can also be removed and either washed in a machine on delicate or washed by hand. Physical design aside, the new Flex Sport headphones also feature a pair of sound technologies: the aforementioned Be Aware audio, as well as a EQ3 Sound.

The first of the two is exactly what it sounds like — a feature that provide ambient noise, helping users hear the world around them for safer experiences. This type of hear-through technology has become especially popular among runners who stick to the outdoors. The EQ3 tech, meanwhile, provides Balanced, Signature, and Bass Boost sound options.

The Flex Sport over-ear Bluetooth headphones are available now from JLab and Best Buy for $99.99 USD.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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