jk gets his hands on a Solid State UMPC

Some people are lucky and some people are so privileged it makes you a little bit sick in your mouth.  Right now jk over at jkontherun is falling resolutely into that latter category, being as he has in his happy little hands a very rare version of Samsung's Q1 UMPC.  Rather than the typical 1.8" hard drive the Q1 usually sports, this one has a Solid State Disk – 32gb of spindle-free, motionless storage.  Aside from being silent, it's apparently very fast despite having only 512mb of RAM and a Celeron processor. 

Keep checking out jkontherun for updates on the Q1 SSD's performance and why it is, frankly, the best thing since electronic sliced-bread.

Samsung Q1 SSD is in da house! [jkontherun]