Jitterbug services now on Verizon Wireless network

The line of Jitterbug services and mobile phones are aimed at the elderly user or those with poor eyesight that need a simple to use mobile phone that does the basic tasks. The Jitterbug service also has features to help users keep up with their health and wellness among other features.

Jitterbug and Verizon Wireless announced today that Jitterbug services would now run on the Verizon Wireless network. Jitterbug landed on the Verizon network courtesy of Verizon's open development program.

The benefits according to Jitterbug are that its customers will now be able to place calls on the nation's most reliable network. Jitterbug plans on the Verizon network will also offer more minutes and more affordable nights and weekends that previous plans.

"We know that there are a lot of people out there that just want a simple cell phone experience and together with Verizon Wireless, we can now offer more new services based on cutting edge wireless technology, and make our services more affordable," said David Inns, chief executive officer of GreatCall. "Jitterbug is committed to giving our growing family of customers the best service experience possible, and this is another example of us achieving that goal."