Jetts Are Sparking Wheels You Can Attach To Your Shoes

Razor is the company that is behind the hoards of scooters that you see kids zipping around your neighborhood on. Scooters aren't all the company makes, but they are probably the best known product that Razor makes. The company has something new called Jetts.

Jetts are a pair of wheels designed to attach to the heels of your sneakers. They are a bit like Heelys except they will fit onto any of your shoes and you can take them off. Another cool thing they do is create sparks.

As you zip down the hall or sidewalk the Jetts throw sparks out the side. You can check out that sparking action in the video below. Presumably, the sparking action works just as it does on the Razor scooter that my son had with similar sparks.

Little pencil diameter barrels of a flint-like material were along the back and when you pressed down on a lever they hit the road surface and small, short duration sparks flew. You had to replace those spark generators frequently. Adults who want some wheeled shoes that can throw sparks can partake as long as you aren't over 176 pounds. Jetts cost $39.99 and are widely available now.