Jetman Yves Rossy vertical take-off looks almost too relaxing

There is no shortage of people trying to create ways for mankind to fly on their own. Pretty much like the Wright Brothers, these people are both admired and ridiculed. These days, however, it's no longer a dream nor a fantasy nor science fiction with inventions and stunts from the likes of Yves Rossy, better known as "Jetman" who makes taking off vertically look almost too easy.

Jetman has been pulling stunts for years that wowed crowds and may have even inspired a few engineers and inventors to work towards the personal flight gear of the future. He flew across the Grand Canyon and even marked the Dubai skies. And for his ultimate stunt, he flew beside a real airplane just like some superhero or spy in a movie.

For all those achievements, there is actually one thing Rossy has so far been able to do. He has yet to take off all by himself. To date, he jumps out of a helicopter or a plane after reaching a certain altitude and then jets off across the sky.

That's not to say he hasn't been working on a way to be truly independent and he now has enough to show the public what that entails. Using four new Jetcat P550 turbine engines, Rossy was able to vertically take-off from a raised platform, hover over a lake for a few moments, and then land back down vertically again.

Even Jetman himself hints that it's far from ready, referring to a "wet landing" on the second attempt. Still, there's almost something Zen about simply taking off, arms and body relaxed, before making the engines roar as you zip through the skies.