Jetlev Flyer combines jetski with a jetpack

When I was a kid I figured by now I would be flying to the grocery store and back using my jetpack. I'm pretty bummed I still have to drive, but if you are rich, into water sports, and live near a lake your jetpack dreams can still come true with the Jetlev Flyer.

The Jetlev looks like the jetpacks that most of us have seen in the movies before with twin nozzles that fire behind the pilot. Rather than shooting streams of air or compressed gas out the rear, the Jetlev shoots high-pressure water to life the pilot.

The water is fed to the Jetlev via the giant yellow dryer duct you see in the picture above from a boat that follows along holding the motor for the Jetlev. A basic version of the Jetlev will set you back $135,000, but you are sure to be the most popular person on the lake when summer comes around. Presumably, the harness floats so you and the Jetlev don't turn into an anchor if/when you crash. You can pick yours up in late June. Is it just me, or is that a full-size version of Minime flying in the picture above?

[Via Technabob