Jelly sees a quarter of its 100k questions asked the first week answered

You may not have heard of the new app called Jelly. It has a rather high profile person behind it that you probably will recognize. Jelly is a social question and answer service from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. When Jelly launched many wondered if people would actually use it.

It seems that Jelly has had a decent first week with some metrics surfacing from RJMetrics that show some decent usage numbers. The numbers show that there were about 100,000 questions asked during the first week the service was available.

While 100,000 questions asked in the first week sounds pretty impressive, the stats show that only about 25% of those were answered. RJMetrics gathered its details by using publicly accessible API endpoints that fed into its metrics system. The metrics showed a lot of use around the launch date of Jelly, but that use fell off quickly thereafter.

On launch day there were as many as 2500 events per hour, but that had tapered to under 500 per hour by January 13. The top ten questions asked using Jelly had to do with image identification. As you can imagine, there were a lot of stupid questions asked, such as "what does the fox say." The metrics show that daily active users peaked at under 24,000 around January 10 and as of the 13 the number of daily users was under 16,000.

SOURCE: memeburn