Jell-O Pudding machine shamelessly denies kids a treat

Jell-O has a new pudding machine that won't serve kids. Why it won't serve kids is unknown. We can assume that no one under adult height is allowed to partake the puddiny goodness that is Jell-O pudding. The machine is automated and has an eye on it that looks like the CBS logo to me.

The machine hands out samples of pudding. The face recognition is created with assistance from Intel and it looks for facial features that determine your age. The machine can sense you height and won't work if you are a kid. It can tell what gender you are and sense if you are smiling as well.

It doesn't store photos or any other information that it uses for the facial recognition. The marketing stunt by Kraft is apparently being undertaken for the "gee-whiz" factor. Pudding just screams high-tech to me. I guess the not putting out for kids bit is to ensure that the parental units responsible for buying are getting the Jell-O Pudding message.

[via Gizmodo]