Jeff Bezos envisions millions living, working in space

Space is a hot topic, and more than a few are anticipating our future on distant planets. Elon Musk has extensively commented on that future, and his SpaceX is putting in quite a bit of effort to help usher it in. Also dreaming of space is Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who envisions millions of people one day living and working in space, something he recently discussed at the latest Ignition conference. "We are really evolved to be pioneers," he said.

The comments were made to Business Insider's Henry Blodget at the conference recently. Following in line with his above statement, he commented on why space exploration has received so much attention in the industry.

"New worlds have a way of saving old worlds... And that's how it should be. We need the frontier. My vision is I want to see millions of people living and working in space." When that reality might come about, however, isn't yet known. Said Bezos, "This is not a business where you can rush things or cut corners."

Bezos, of course, is putting his own efforts into bringing about this venture into space. We've previously discussed his Blue Origin spaceflight company, which is working with the ULA in creating the new BE-4 rocket engine. Hit up the timeline below for related news.

SOURCE: Business Insider