Jeep teases a new Commander SUV that can seat seven

Jeep is a famous brand in many parts of the world, not just the US. While its most iconic vehicle is undoubtedly the Wrangler, which is very capable off-road, it has many other vehicles to its credit. Recently, Jeep teased the new crossover SUV that will be sold in Brazil called the Commander.

That name has been used on other Jeep models in the past, and it's nothing like those previous models. The new Commander would be based on the Jeep Compass, which is a compact crossover SUV. The main difference between the Compass and the Commander is that the Commander has three rows of seating.

That means the compact SUV will have enough room to carry seven people. How comfortable seven people would be in a compact crossover remains to be seen. Jeep isn't offering any real details on the Commander other than the teaser video, which can be seen below. What we see in the video are dark outlines of the front and what appears to be the rear of the vehicle.

It wouldn't be shocking if it's essentially a slightly stretched Compass, but that remains to be seen. The Commander will be built in Brazil, and there's no indication of which, if any, other markets where the vehicle will be sold.

The vehicle is expected to be very similar to the current Compass in the interior but to have longer rear doors and a longer rear overhang to accommodate the third-row seating. The new Commander is also expected to have revised rear pillars and unique rear quarter glass. Jeep has promised more details about the SUV will be released soon. One of the more recent announcements by Jeep that is available now in the US is its plug-in hybrid Wrangler known as the 4xe able to drive approximately 20 miles on battery power alone.