Jeep Scrambler renderings are based on tips from insiders

We've known for years now that Jeep is working on a truck version of its Wrangler that is so popular all around the world. With the popularity of the Jeep Wrangler and trucks, this vehicle is a no-brainer for Jeep and the latest rumblings are that the Wrangler-based truck will be in dealerships by April 2019. That's only a year away.

What we don't know is exactly what the truck will look like. The gang over at Jeep Scrambler Forum have whipped up some renderings, and we hope the truck looks like what they have cooked up. The original poster of the renderings says that they are based on legit data.

A forum staff member called Jay says that the renderings are based on spy photos, CAD leaks and insider tips that were received. The colors appear to be production Jeep colors, but there is no word on if these colors will be offered.

The Wrangler-based truck will certainly give up some of its off-road prowess, but considering most Wranglers never attack surfaces more severe than snow roads or dirt roads, the truck will find buyers.

The truck is tipped for a removable top and the renderings with Scrambler on the tailgate are particularly appealing. The Wrangler truck looks particularly good in Hella Yella.

SOURCE: Jeep Scrambler Forum