JBuds Frames true wireless open-ear speakers clip onto glasses

JLab is back with another personal audio product called the JBuds Frames. This model of true wireless over-ear speakers is designed to clip onto the earpieces of the glasses, offering a different way to listen to podcasts and music without sealing yourself off from external noises. The big benefit offered by Frames over competing built-in products is that you can use the glasses you already own.

True wireless earbuds have become a common personal audio device, but they do have their downsides — wearing them for long periods of time can be uncomfortable, for example, and relatively impractical when using the earbuds at work or other places where you may be interrupted. Hear-through features aim to address this but can be awkward for the person you're talking to.

JBuds Frames differ in an obvious way: they place the speakers over your ears rather than in them. This model is designed specifically for people who wear glasses and who aren't interested in upgrading them to a pricey pair featuring built-in speakers. As well, JLab boasts that its model is quite a bit cheaper at $50.

Each over-ear speaker features Bluetooth connectivity and a design that enables the user to clip them to their existing glasses frames. The model offers 16mm drivers that produce audio JLab describes as loud enough for the user to hear, but not other people who are located nearby.

The model features an IPX4 rating for splash-resistance and button controls for adjusting volume, switching the EQ settings, and managing calls. Each unit features a built-in microphone; likewise, each earpiece can be used independently of the other. Charging takes place with a magnetic USB charger. Users can expect a charge time of two hours, around eight hours of audio playback, and around 100 hours of standby.

JLab is previewing the model for CES 2021 and expects them to be available starting in early spring.