JBL Pulse audio system sparks LED light show

JBL has announced a new audio product called the Pulse that provides more than simple audio playback. While the internal speakers provide something for your ears to enjoy, the Pulse also has multicolored integrated LEDs to provide a light show. The speaker also features integrated Bluetooth technology.

Along with Bluetooth tech, JBL also uses NFC technology for instant and easy pairing with compatible mobile devices. The LED light show is programmable and pulses in tune with your music. The device has a pair of high-performance 40 mm drivers and a custom-tuned bass port.

Users can choose from preprogrammed or custom light themes and can individually control brightness and color. The JBL Pulse gets power from rechargeable lithium-ion battery allowing up to 10 hours of use for music playback alone and up to five hours of use for audio playback and the light show.

The Pulse is able to stream music from any portable device that has Bluetooth connectivity. The Pulse has an MSRP of $199 and is available directly from JBL's website, and in Best Buy or Sprint locations.