JBL Horizon Bluetooth Clock uses ambient light to wake you

Thankfully the sudden screech of a traditional alarm clock is no longer necessary for waking up in the morning, with fade-in alarms on smartphones and various ambient light alarms becoming the consumer favorite. JBL is the latest among device makers to introduce its own ambient alarm clock flavor into the mix, and with it comes both Bluetooth and FM radio to complement the fade-in lighting. The JBL Horizon Bluetooth Clock is shaped like a thermostat and now available for pre-order.

The JBL Horizon clock is fitted with LED lights that slowly brighten, simulating the sunrise in your windows, making for a far more peaceful morning awakening. Audio can be set to play, as well, either from a local station via FM radio or from a mobile device through Bluetooth.

Like some alarm clocks, the Horizon also features a backup battery that'll take over in case the power goes out so you don't miss that important meeting. Joining the alarm clock functionality are a pair of USB ports, as well, for charging a couple of devices so they'll be ready in the morning.

As mentioned, the Horizon alarm clock isn't yet available, instead being up for pre-order for $99.95 USD. According to the maker's website, the alarm will start shipping on December 16, which means you might see it in time for Christmas if everything runs on schedule. Both black and white models are available.

VIA: Gizmodo