Jaybird Introduces the Reign, a new take on wearable tech

Many wearables monitor your health statistics, but do they do more than that? Jaybird's Reign does, and we like their take on health and activity monitoring. Though it keeps track of your health and movement, just like some others, it also tells you when you should be more active, and when to take a knee.

The Jaybird Reign tethers to your device via Bluetooth, which is nothing new or clever, but what it does for you is. Utilizing an app (available for iOS and Android), it keeps track of all the normal stuff, but also takes you into account. In addition to checking on your movement, it also tracks your sleep patterns. According to Jaybird, that's just as important as working out.

By carefully monitoring your overall activity and sleep patterns, the Reign will tell you when you're in the "Go Zone", a nifty little niche you fit into when you're on a healthy path. By keeping tabs on your overall movement and lack thereof, Jaybird promises to bring you a more well rounded level of health.

The app was easy to navigate and use, leading us to actually want to check up on ourselves. It has a row of icons across the top for activity, and even gives you a chart for your activity — and sleep. From there, Jaybird lets you know where you stand, and though they weren't telling us just what the metric was for the 'Go Zone', we're intrigued nonetheless.

The combination of sleep monitoring and health might not be new, but we like that Jaybird either gives you a kick up the backside to get active, or conversely take it easy. The 'Go Zone' lets you know you're in good form, and gives you a goal to aim for. The Jaybird sells for $199, and comes in four colors. Though Jaybird says the band and sensor are sold together, and not meant to be removed, they can be if you like.