Jay Leno Drives the Aston Martin DB10 Fresh from the set of Spectre

Aston Martin made the very first bespoke car ever for everyone's favorite secret agent to drive and called it the DB10. The car will never go into production so we normal folks will never get to drive it and likely will never see it in person. Jay Leno isn't a normal person though and not only did he get hands on the DB10 in person, he also got to drive the beast.

Getting to drive the DB10 is a big deal because the car isn't technically road legal. Presumably it has something to do with not being crash tested. Aston has announced that it would sell one example of the DB10 to the public via an auction.

The caveat with that auction is that Aston announced the car couldn't be driven on public roads. That means it will only be for car shows and the occasional jaunt on a racetrack or in a parade. Leno spent time with Marek Reichman, chief creative officer for Aston Martin.

Marek talked a bit about the creation of the car, which is a V8 Vantage underneath. The thing that is coolest about the video is how the car sounds. The DB10 does offer hints at design cues that will be used on future Aston's according to Reichman.