Jawbone MOVE and UP3 trackers tipped inbound

Following closely on the heels of Microsoft's new fitness tracker Band comes word that Jawbone has a couple new — and cheaper — devices up its own sleeve. One of these devices is called the "MOVE", and it will cost $50 according to The Information, where the tip surfaced. The second device will reportedly be called the UP3, and it will be more expensive, priced at $180 USD, just barely undercutting the Band and proving more expensive than the company's other UP products.

Jawbone, no doubt feeling the pressure as more companies pile into the already crowded industry, plans to unveil some new devices later this week on Wednesday. Whether those products will include the MOVE and UP3 is yet to be seen, though there's little wait left before we know either way.

According to the source, the UP3 will be quote "packed with new sensors", the likes of which weren't detailed though will likely include an oft-requested heartbeat sensor. The MOVE will reportedly clip to clothing and will be a competitor with Fitbit's Zip, among other devices.

Unfortunately, the "people briefed on the matter" say the UP3 won't have all of its features available right when it launches; it will feature a "slick black design", however. Among the company's efforts are said to be a pair of headphones, the sources say, which we could end up seeing hit shelves in 2015.

VIA: Venture Beat