JavaBot at the Roasting Plant

The JavaBot is, as you guessed, a robot that makes you coffee. The thing is, it's not your usual fare of inserting pre-ground coffee that sucks and then it brewing and pouring it, this robot does it all short of picking the beans itself.

It starts with raw or green coffee beans, it roasts them, and then it sends them to the grinder and grinds them. From there it uses water, presumably at least filtered if not purified, and brews you your coffee, quite literally from start to finish.

The best part is that it does all of that, from start to finish, in roughly the time it would take you to get your coffee at Starbucks, probably less. There are 13 glass tube-shaped bins for the beans, 6 hold green beans, the other 7 hold roasted beans, and each one has a scale built in which is probably used to let the employees know when the green beans need refilled and to keep the machine from roasting more beans than are being used so that they are fresh as possible. Pneumatic tubes are used to move the beans to the grinder, kind of like your bank, it's all a pretty cool system just to get you your coffee.

Welcome to the Roasting Plant from michael galpert on Vimeo.

[via BornRich and Micheal Galpert]