Angry Birds Movie actors pick alternate universe superhero film roles

This past week we had the opportunity to speak with Jason Sudeikis, Maya Rudolph, and Josh Gad, all of whom told us which superhero they'd be OK with playing in a film in the future. These three are all currently in The Angry Birds Movie – we were at the press junket for said movie, and due to the content of said movie, our conversation dove in on superheroes rather quickly. Be it animated or live-action – which roles would these comedians take if given the opportunity?

In The Angry Birds Movie, the character Chuck (the yellow bird) is played by the talented and mysterious Josh Gad. In the Angry Birds game franchise, the yellow bird's special attack is a burst of speed – similarly, in the movie, Chuck is able to move far quicker than any other creature. He moves like The Flash. The film goes so far as to effectively recreate a scene from X-Men: Days of Future Past in which Quicksilver moves at superhuman speed, from his perspective simply seeing the rest of the world move in super-slow-motion. "Red" – the red bird – has a bit of a rage-strength sort of ability, while Matilda (the white bird) can shoot fireballs out of her bottom.

To that point – and perhaps pointing to a sequel to this movie at some point in the future – three of the main actors in The Angry Birds Movie were asked a question of which superhero they'd play in a movie if given the chance. Free reign – their choice – live action or animated – which superhero would each of these comedians play?

"I loved Wonder Woman," said Maya Rudolph (who plays Matilda in The Angry Birds Movie), "because that was kind of all we had, as ladies, in the 70's."

"There's definitely far more superhero ladies these days," continued Rudolph.

"We had Isis! Remember Isis of Shazam," said a member of the press.

"Oh that's right!" – MR

"That's taken on a different connotation now," said Josh Gad.

"Yeah, can't say that anymore," said another member of the press.

"She-rah!" said Jason Sudeikis.

"Do you remember the Wonder Twins? The Wonder Twins... I was really into the Wonder Twins" – MR

"I was really into X-Men. I still am into X-Men. And I don't know who I would be... Colossus, maybe? If I didn't have this body? I could maybe be Colossus" – JG

"Coh-loh-sus" – MR

"Can you pull off the accent?" asked a member of the press.

"Ah, col, coh-loh-sus" – JG

"Oh wow" – JS

"Yeah, I think it's pretty good" – JG

"That is pretty good!" – MR

"I don't know [which comic book character I would be]. I feel like... growing up I was more into video games than comic books, and... I feel like all the ones that I'm aware of are because there's movies and things already about them – you know – I don't know deep enough into the cannon of Marvel or DC to, like, yeah... Alfred E Neuman?" – JS

"I think Red could be equated to The Punisher" said a member of the press.

"Who'd you say, the Punisher?" – MR

"I guess Bomb*'s The Hulk, right?" – JS

"Bomb is The Hulk" – JG

*Bomb is another one of the Angry Birds in the Angry Birds Movie – the one that's able to "explode" himself in a fireball-type situation.

"Red would be close to Deadpool, in a way, having recently seen that movie – he's kind of a smart-a** – I'm very sarcastic in this movie" – JS

"You're both kind of red" – MR

"We both wear red!" – JS

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