Japanese Prius Plus to get lithium ion battery option

The best selling hybrid in the world is the Toyota Prius. The green vehicle has been on the market since 1997 and has sold millions of units globally. Toyota is expanding the Prius family with a new version called the Prius Plus. The Plus has three-row seating in some models.

The Prius Plus will be the first Prius to use lithium ion battery packs. The catch is that the Plus will only get the lithium ion batteries in the Japanese market. The car will get the old nickel-metal hydride batteries in the US that are heavier and used in the current Prius vehicles.

The Japanese Prius Plus cars are getting the lithium batteries to open up more interior space. Toyota has noted that the three-row seating is more appealing to the Japanese market. The Plus with the lithium ion batteries will sell for the equivalent of $36,590 in Japan with a version using standard batteries starting at $28,660.

[via Autonews]