Japanese gamers can get special PS3 controller bundle in November

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has announced a special Dualshock 3 controller bundle will be coming on November 1 of 2012. The spouse controller goes along with the video game Tales of Aix-Syria 2 for the PS3. The controller will be offered in limited quantities and offers special graphics.

The main body of the special controller is black, and it offers red and gold graphics, presumably from the video game Tales of Aix-Syria 2. The controller is designed to support the special cross double Raid Linear Motion Battle System the video game uses. The controller will sell for $99.99 and will include the video game as well.

The video game will also be offered separately on the same day for ¥8380. The controller was designed by Satoru large Okumura, who was in charge of character design in the video game. There's no word on international release for the game or the controller bundle at this time.