Japanese dudes skydive Google Earth style

Shane McGlaun - Dec 14, 2010, 5:46am CST
Japanese dudes skydive Google Earth style

Never underestimate the desire of geeks to be geeky. A group of Japanese pals got together and set up their own virtual skydiving sim using blue plastic, white spray paint, and Google Earth. The plastic became the sky background with white clouds painted on it.

A projector mounted high above the two skydivers shined an image of islands on the floor and as the maps were zoomed, it gave the impression that the duo were falling to Earth from the sky. The two divers were suspended by harnesses from the ceiling.

To make things even more realistic the team used fans to blow the duo’s clothing and hair to simulate motion. They even sprayed the duo with a fire extinguisher to make it seem that they were falling through a cloud. The whole thing was pretty cool, check out the video below for yourself.

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