Japanese cellphones titter at the iPhone

Chris Davies - Jan 20, 2007

You’re probably getting bored of iPhone coverage, and are saving your strength for the first “EXCLUSIVE! PHOTOS! HANDS-ON!” headlines you’ll have to navigate around the web come April or so, but spare a thought for the poor Japanese.  They’ve had 3G networks for years now, and are currently testing 4G technology; with handsets available in shops today that support mobile digital TV, moneyless-payment, biometric security and more, while America excites itself over Jobs’ latest trinket they have no super-advanced iPhone features to anticipate.  After all, they’ve got it all already.

electro^plankton borrowed the daily life of a Japanese friend to see just what cellphone features they use – and expect handsets to have – on a daily basis.  Let’s just say that the iPhone doesn’t look so rosy in comparison. 

Sorry iPhone, Japan’s Not Interested [electro^plankton]

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