Japanese Bento watch feeds you at lunchtime

The Japanese take their food seriously and they take their gadgets seriously as well. The Bento Watch may be the perfect combination of feeding a hungry appetite and the need for a cool watch on the wrist. This gadget is called the Bento Watch and when lunchtime rolls around all the wearer needs do is flip open the watch face and eat up.

The entire project required several experts to create. A company called Takii Seeds grew the food. A master watch craftsman made the watch itself. The vegetables were cut by a skilled plastic surgeon. A famous Japanese chef cooked the food.

The tiny food was placed inside the watch face by a diorama hobbyist. The result is a tiny lunch that looks as beautiful as it is tasty. Tiny little chopsticks pop out of the side of the watch so the wearer has utensils to eat with. The face of the watch measures 30mm. It appears the food has carrots, tomatoes, and peppers along with some rice and perhaps some fish all cooked in a tiny pan.

I can only assume the food had to be cold to prevent the watch face from fogging up. The businessman eating the tiny meal looks so serious while doing so. This has to be the most expensive meal with the smallest portions in all of Japan. Since this is a PR stunt for the seed company, you can't actually buy this watch but you can watch the video repeatedly. I'm hungry for Japanese food now.

SOURCE: Kotaku