Japan is getting new 3DS bundles with Monster Hunter theme

Gamers in Japan get all the Nintendo bundles and leave the gamers in the US wanting more often than not. Japanese 3DS gamers have a couple new bundles that are on their way. One of the bundles has an ice white 3DS console that has red Monster Hunter graphics on it. That bundle also includes the Monster Hunter 3G game. The bundle is called the Monster Hunter 3G Special Pack.

That bundle will land on December 10 in Japan only and will sell for the equivalent of $274 in the states. Another game bundle is coming that has no 3DS console included. The other game bundle includes the Monster Hunter 3G game and the Slide Pad accessory. That accessory is a controller extension that the 3DS sits in to make gaming more comfortable.

The game bundle with the accessory and game will sell in Japan for the equivalent of $91. I always wonder why Japan gets all the bundles. Is it that US gamers just don't care about bundles or that Nintendo just wants to serve its home market with as many flavors of 3DS as possible?

[via TechCrunch]