Jam Hub lets your band practice without neighbors calling the cops

If you are in a band that likes to rehearse at all hours of the night and are tired of the people that live near you calling the cops you need the Jam Hub. The Jam Hub comes by way of Daikyung Vascom and it is called a soundless rehearsal studio. A soundless rehearsal studio sounds pretty strange, but when you think about what the device does it makes sense.

It's a half moon device that has a little LCD and a bunch of knobs and buttons. Around the half-moon is seven different inputs and outputs for headphones. The idea is that you can plug your instruments into the Jam Hub and then listen to the session on headphones. The only thing I see issue with is the drums (unless electric) will still drive the neighbors crazy.

The device supports 21 different audio channels and has a SD card slot and an internal digital recorder. That SD card slot and recorder will let you record your jam sessions to archive or to prove that your bassists is missing notes and needs to be replaced. Pricing and availability are unknown.

[via Aving]