JailBreakMe.com one-click JailBreak and Installer install

If you have been considering Jailbreaking your iPhone or iPod Touch since the release of firmware 1.1.1 things just got a lot easier. With AppSnapp, the program that is launched from JailBreakMe.com, all you need is your handheld Apple device and a WiFi connection.

Your device has to have firmware 1.1.1 installed, and can be activated or not, if not, AppSnapp will also go ahead and activate your device for you, there are ways to access Safari and navigate to a given URL without activation, so you'll have to follow one of those guides, but after that, everything else is taken care of. You go to the url, click "Install AppSnapp" at the bottom and then you wait 5-10 minutes, provided you are using a high speed wifi connection, and then you get a screen lock screen, slide the slider and your Apple device is jailbroken and has installer.app installed, and has been patched from the tiff exploit.

That's really the saddest part, is that these two devices are completely open to an attack the way they are, because the way this hack works, it doesn't require a computer, just an internet connection for the device, and a website/program can gain root access to your device and do whatever it wants. This app is seemingly safe, I mean it has TUAW's and the iPhone Dev Team's approval, but other sites/apps could be far less secure and trustworthy.

This method is really easy, and if you or your friends have been waiting on the process to get easier, it just has, so knock yourself out. No guarantees it won't mess things up, and you'll definitely want to restore your device before updating with any future firmware updates, but for now you should be good to go.

iPhone Jailbroken and Installer installed with one click [via myitablet]