Jaguar invents car doors that open automatically as you approach

Jaguar has announced what it calls the ultimate car door. The new door can open automatically as the driver approaches and can be operated by gesture control. The door is currently a prototype and is being tested on a Range Rover Sport.

The tech uses motion sensors and the existing keyless entry technology to detect the driver as they approach the vehicle. When the driver is detected, the door opens automatically. Jag says that the tech could be helpful to disabled people and for those carrying child seats or large items.

Once the driver is inside the car, the door can be closed with an overhead button. There is no need to grab the door and pull it close. The door tech is designed to allow you to walk away and it will close and lock behind you.

Radar sensors on the door detect lamp posts or other obstacles and will stop the door from opening and hitting the objects. Jag is working with a former Royal Marine Commando called Mark Ormrod, the first triple amputee in Britain from the Afghanistan conflict, to test the technology.

The tech was in development in the lab for over six months before it was installed on the test vehicle. Jag sees the automatic door as relevant to all future vehicles in addition to helping the disabled.