Jack wireless guitar adapter connects amps without cords

Everything else is going wireless, and your guitar is no exception. Jack is a simple wireless adapter that connects to a guitar and pairs with an adapter for the guitar's related amp. Once connected, users can rock out without the hassle of cables and without, says the maker, suffering with poor audio quality. The adapter isn't limited to guitars, however, also working with any other instrument featuring the same amp connection port. We have all the details after the jump.

As you can see in the video below, Jack features a rotatable hinge where the 1/4-inch connector resides, allowing it to be positioned in whatever way is necessary for your particular instrument. The controls are along its side, including a WiFi and a battery indicator light and power button. The receiver for amps isn't needed if a tablet or laptop is being used to record the audio.

Jack emits its own WiFi signal, so it can be used even if there isn't a wireless network available. Says the maker, Jack has a fast near real-time response, being almost 13 times faster than regular Bluetooth. The adapter transmits uncompressed 24-bit audio.

The device measures in at 100mm x 48mm x 20mm and weighs 3 ounces. Jack isn't yet available, but will be arriving in a Kickstarter campaign in the near future. The maker, Ingenious Audio, is looking to sell a pair for approximately $260 USD with shipping taking place in April.

SOURCE: Jack, Gizmag