Jack Thompson can’t read, challenges Samuel L. Jackson to video game debate

Chris Scott Barr - Feb 19, 2008

If there were one person that the collective gaming community disliked (I’m being far too nice here) above all others, it would no doubt be Jack Thompson. This man has sued and spoken out against more companies for wrongs to society than anyone else I can think of. He waits for a tragedy like the recent shootings at Northern Illinois University so that he can get his ugly mug on the news to speak out about the evils of video games. If only the traditional press knew how much of an idiot he really is. Take for instance this recent incident where he blasts Samuel L. Jackson over a blog post made by Fake Samuel L. Jackson.

If you’ve never been to NewsGroper, it’s made up of posts made by fake celebrities. Their logo clearly states “These Blogs Are Not Real.” One of the fake celebrities is Samuel L. Jackson who made the following entry.

And I was also fucking amazed when I read about Christian conservative attorney Jack Thompson blaming all this shooting shit on video games again, like there ain’t no other possible got-damn reason on God’s green earth for a motherfucker to go batshit and blow away another person. Jack Thompson’s letter to the Northern Illinois University president is a laugh-riot. I’m assuming Jack Thompson isn’t related to Eric “Don’t Call Me Lance Bass” Thompson, but both these Thompsons sure got a family resemblance of idiotic statements.

I’ve never sat down and had a conversation with him, but that sounds more like something Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction) would say. After reading this, the brilliant Mr. Thompson got quite fired up, and despite obviously being a fan of Samuel L. Jackson’s work, proceeded to tell him just how little he obviously knows about the subject in a press release and sent it out. I’ve included it in its entirety for your amusement below.

Mr. Jackson, I enjoyed your post about NIU and about me. Unfortunately, you could fit what you know about school shootings and their causes in a sleeve of Titleist golf balls. I’m a six handicap, and would love to play you a match anywhere anytime.

More importantly, Mr. Jackson, I saw you and the Jack Thompson spoof at the Spike TV Video Game Awards Show. Very funny, really.

Here’s a proposal: Why don’t you debate me on this issue of whether violent video games cause real world violence. I’ll do it anywhere, anytime. You name it.

I dare you.

Jack Thompson, 305-666-4366, amendmentone@comcast.net

PS: Saw you in Black Snake Moan this weekend. I thought you deserved an Oscar for your performance. Brilliant.

Yes, he just dared Samuel L. Jackson to a debate on violent video games, and yes, he just posted his phone number (which ironically features the mark of the devil) in a public press release (and in a comment on the News Groper website). Simply brilliant. Where’s Fox News when you need them?

[via Kotaku]

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