Jabra GO 6400 and PRO 9400 wireless headsets with touchscreen base-station

Jabra have announced two new wireless headset systems aimed more at deskbound workers wanting to cut their phone cords than true mobile users.  The Jabra GO 6400 (shown here) and PRO 9400 use Bluetooth and DECT respectively, and come complete with a base station with an integrated 2.4-inch capacitive touchscreen display.

That display allows for calls to be switched between, volume adjusted and numbers redialed.  Each unit can handle a combination of landline, cellphone and VoIP calls, with the Synaptics-sourced display use to flick between them.  The Jabra GO 6400 has the regular Bluetooth range, while the PRO 9400 range is up to 450 feet.  Each use dual-microphones for noise reduction and have active sound-spike cancellation.

Caller ID is supported, and the headsets dock magnetically to recharge.  The two new wireless systems will be available in the US from September, priced from $199.

[via Gear Diary]