J. Lo now has her very own USB drive

When I see some new celebrity endorsing a new tech product, I tend to wonder exactly what contributions they bring to the gadget, other than their name and face. Did they really have anything to do with it, aside from giving it their stamp of approval? I can't really say, but I doubt Jennifer Lopez actually designed this flash drive, and even if she did, why?

I suppose there is a decent reason why Jennifer Lopez has both her name and face on this particular product, it does, after all, contain a copy of her latest album. I'm not exactly into pop music, nor could I tell you how popular her music is at this point, but I'm quite skeptical that many fans are actually going to cough up the $70 asking price on this flash drive.

For that extremely high price, you do get a flash drive that's covered in African Mahogan. Oh, and it can be worn as a necklace, so everyone can know how much you love J. Lo. If you're curious about storage space, we've got no idea. Don't expect to be wowed by a more than a gig or so of space though.

J. Lo flash drives...no, seriously [via boygenius]