iUnika GYY netbook is solar powered

Brenda Barron - May 14, 2009
iUnika GYY netbook is solar powered

Well, you don’t see this everyday. The iUnika GYY is a very environmentally-friendly netbook that is actually powered by solar energy. This definitely makes it stand out from the pack and the netbook itself is lightweight weighing only 700grams.

The GYY runs on a 400MHz processor and a version of Linux. Other specs include 128MB of RAM, which normally would be pretty low, but since the operating system requires such little power, it should be fine.

It also has a 64GB solid-state drive and an 8-inch display that’s WVGA with an 800 x 480 resolution. You can get the iUnika GYY starting in June for about 160 euros. We’ll have to see how it actually works, but as far as not needing to lug around a power adapter, this sounds to be pretty convenient.

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