ITV Documentary Uses Video Game Footage, Claims Its Real IRA Film

When you watch a documentary on a war that took place decades ago on a network like ITV, you might expect that all the footage used and claimed to be actual footage from the fighting would be real. You would be assuming too much though. Apparently, an ITV documentary that was looking into the support Gaddhafi gave to the IRA used some footage said to be the IRA's own video.

The video shows a couple trucks of IRA soldiers firing at a helicopter flying by and shooting it down. The problem with the footage is that not only was it not shot by the IRA in 1981, the footage isn't even real. The footage is actually nothing but a rendered clip from the video game ArmA 2.

Did ITV really think that no one would notice that the grass is rendered and pixilated? The fact that they even tried to pull this off is shocking. You can check out the footage from the actual ITV documentary in the YouTube video below and then right after the same footage that a gamer put together from the video game.

[via PC Gamer]