iTunes Store accepting donations for Hurricane Sandy relief

Earlier this week, Hurricane Sandy ripped through the northeast with haughty vengeance, hitting one of the most populous cities in the entire country, New York City. If you were lucky enough to be missed by the storm, and are now wanting to help out those who were hit hard, the iTunes Store is accepting donations on behalf of the American Red Cross.

Through the iTunes Store on either your desktop computer or your iOS device, you can make a donation for as little as $5. Other denominations include $10, $25, $50, $100, and $200. And no, Apple won't take a 30% cut — all 100% of your contribution goes straight to the American Red Cross. As long as you have a credit card set up, which you most likely do if you've been downloading and buying apps, donating is just like buying an app; quick and easy.

Of course, this isn't the first time that Apple has partnered up with the Red Cross and started accepting donations through its iTunes Store. They also hosted a fundraising campaign for the Japanese earthquake and tsunami back in March 2011, and in January 2010, they accepted donations following the earthquake in Haiti.

Apple currently boasts over 400 million iTunes Store accounts, so the company and its customers will no doubt make a difference raising money for those in the northeast who weren't as lucky. The Hurricane ended up being so bad that all public transportation was shut down, and most stores closed their doors in preparation for the storm, turning the most-populous city in the country into an apocalyptic nightmare.