iTunes Microsoft Store release delayed, Windows 10 S users left waiting

Windows users have long had access to iTunes, and the availability is as simple to get as going to Apple's website to download the software. Back in May, however, the companies announced that iTunes will be made available in the Microsoft Store — that is, in Microsoft's online store for downloading apps. Why make it available there when users can download it from Apple? Because that's the only way Windows 10 S users will be able to get it.

Windows 10 S is a version of Windows 10 that is "Streamlined for security and superior performance," according to Microsoft, and that involves restricting software downloads to the Microsoft Store (which used to be called the Windows Store, in case you're feeling confused).

The limitation ensures that whatever apps are downloaded have been verified as secure, but also means the convenience of downloading straight from a company's website and then installing is gone. This is similar to how Apple does things with its Mac App Store, though macOS users can still directly download and install software outside of that store if they want.

iTunes will be made available on the Microsoft Store so that Windows 10 S users can still use it. The original plan had been to release iTunes in the Microsoft Store this year, but according to ZDNet, which reports hearing directly from Apple itself, that goal won't be met. Instead, the release is being pushed to some time in 2018.

There doesn't appear to be a specific release date in mind at the time, with Apple explaining that it needs more time to deliver "the full iTunes experience" on Windows 10 S. Additional information beyond that hasn't been provided, ultimately leaving the public to know that while the plan still remains, there's no saying how long it will take to happen.