iTunes Live Streaming Getting Announced Tomorrow?

The rumor mill about whatever it is that Apple will be announcing tomorrow, in regards to iTunes, is starting to pick up. With one particular screenshot bringing a lot of interest onto the table. A streaming music aspect to iTunes has been rumored about for awhile now, and it looks like digging through a property list file within iTunes 10.1 has turned up something quite interesting.

Specifically, which you can see in the screenshot above, there's made mention of "iTunes Live Stream." As of right now, obviously, there's nothing of that sort going on with iTunes 10.1, so it would seem that this could be the new feature that Apple will announce tomorrow. As for what that entails, exactly, that's anyone's guess at this point.

However, rumors state that this could mean that you'll not only get streaming music, but also streaming television programming. Right now, there's so much speculation regarding whatever it is that Apple has up their sleeve, that they could come out of left field and announce something completely different. Stay tuned, as the announcement is scheduled for an early morning reveal, for those of you on the West Coast.

[via Mac Rumors]