iTunes 7 DRM Cracked

Benjamin Nied - Sep 13, 2006

Well, that didn’t take too long. While millions of happy iTunes users were thrilled at the release of iTunes 7 (the first really worthy upgrade, in my opinion, since iTunes 5), QTFairUse/myFairTunes6 users all collectively groaned in unison; a new iTunes, of course, means changes to the DRM scheme, rendering their fair-use programs useless. Fortunately, it didn’t last; last night an update to QTFairUse, bringing iTunes 7 compatibility along with it.

Unlike the iTunes 6 DRM protocol, which took programmers many, many months to finally crack, iTunes 7’s scheme only tool 8 hours or so to circumvent, though the support is, at this stage at least, considered to be a beta. Still, this is good news for users who like the iTunes Music Store and hate their “iPod or bust” mentality when it comes to using said music, and gives users an option to do something about it.

[via Engadget]

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