iTunes 10.7 available now with iOS 6 and new device support

Today Apple unleashed a slew of awesome products to the world and they are all running on their new and improved iOS 6. While they mentioned a brand new and awesomely overhauled iTunes 11 coming later in October, today they've pushed an incremental update out to support all their new goodies.

iTunes 10.7 is available right this moment to download. This will bring full support for iOS 6 (including the GM release seeding out now) as well as support all of Apple's brand new devices. That includes the iPhone 5, the new iPod Touch, and the iPod Nano. Who's excited?

Sadly we'll have to wait for the "simplified" iTunes 11, but for those that want to make sure they are fully ready to rock for when these devices start making the rounds you can get iTunes 10.7 for Mac and PC right now. To get started with the download you'll want to click here.

It doesn't appear to have any changes, feature improvements, or anything else for that matter although the 165MB download is still rather large. The page still says "coming soon" but you can download it right this minute online. Oddly enough the new iTunes isn't showing up on OSX update notifications like my MacBook Pro. Get the latest update now and stay tuned for more details on iTunes 11.

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